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AISI 304 stainless steel made booth, with two upper discs and two speeds motor with belt and monoblock. Self –cleaning system. Designed for the application of glaze on tiles, extruded ceramics, facing brick and roof tile. Hollow shaft and inverter version available.

Installed power:F-40 2,25 Kw.
F-60 2,25 Kw.
F-80 2,25 Kw.
Dimensions:F-40 1750x900xH1100 mm.
F-60 1750x1100xH1200 mm.
F-80 1750x1300xH1300 mm.
Weight:F-40 150 Kg
F-60 219 Kg
F-80 255 Kg.

Contact info

Avda. Manuel Escobedo n║2, 12200 ONDA (Castellón) España

T. +34 964 60 18 51 ┬Ě F. +34 964 60 24 04 ┬Ě E.

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