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Conceived as a regulation buffer in transport and glazing lines, it allows the cleaning of the screens in silk-screen printing machines and avoids production accumulations in processes of double-firing and special or complementary pieces.


Installed power:0,55 o 0,93 Kw
Formats:F-47: square piece: from 7x7 to40x40
rectangular piece: until 25x 66 (starting from 40cm long the pieces will be loadded from its narrow side)
F-66: square piece: from 7x7 to 66x66
rectangular piece: up to 25x66
Dimensions:F-47: 580 x 960 x 1420 mm
F-66:580 x 1260 x 1420 mm
Power up/down:0,18 Kw
Atention: The capacity is reduced to 15 pieces from 40x40 and 25x66 on.

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